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At Hídrica Group we manufacture several ranges of innovative products, designed and conceived to achieve a better sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as a better water quality.

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There are many reasons to use energy responsibly. That's why we manufacture innovative products that promote energy savings and facilitate a more efficient management of it.


Reducing the amount of energy necessary in all of our processes and treatments also allows us to reduce consumption. In this way, we can offer you the same quality, while adding significant economic savings.


We manufacture several product ranges which stand out, not only for their energy and economic savings, but also because they have been conceived to occupy minimal space in your facilities.

We manufacture innovative products to improve the water treatment process

At Hídrica Group, as we specialize in water treatment, we support more efficient and sustainable process that allow a better resource management. We manufacture products based on sustainability and customized to our clients’ needs.

Our machinery relies on innovative technology and was conceived to facilitate any type of water treatment process, either intended for public consumption, sanitary, swimming pool or industrial water. It allows to monitor, control and optimize resources, achieving more sustainable and energy efficient systems.

Range Efficpool

Regenerative filtering system for swimming pools

Efficpool is a product which was conceived especially to offer maximum performance, efficiency and sustainability in the filtering/purifying system for swimming pools. It’s a regenerative filtering system that offers multiple advantages:

Range Hidro7

Hidro7 is a system for swimming pools, manufactured especially to control and regulate levels of chlorine/bromine and of the pH with temperature compensation. It is composed of an analysis panel with direct reading on screen and of a microprocessor for the regulation and control of the parameters included.

The default series includes a temperature probe, a chlorine or bromine probe and a pH probe, even though you can add a Redox (RX) and conductivity probe as optional. As it offers the reading of parameters in ppm (mg/l), it is a highly precise system. It is available with organic chlorine probe (biomes, chlorines, isocyanurates…) or inorganic chlorine probe (sodium or calcium hypochlorite).

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Range Oxset

Oxset is an innovative system which is very appropriate for swimming pools and water for human consumption, dissolving granulated calcium hypochlorite, leaving the liquid solution prepared for dosage.

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Range Savepool

SavePool is a monitored system which helps the maintenance operator to carry out the purification system operation maneuvers. It automatically registers the meter data and efficiently manages filtering. It offers information on different parameters, such as input and output filter pressure, the quantity of water delivered and recirculated in cubic meters, or swimming pool filtering cycles, among others.

As well as registering data, this system allows you to:

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