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Are you looking for a company specialized in water treatment? If you want to have more sustainable, efficient and safer facilities and, at the same time, benefit from significant economic savings, at Hídrica Group we take care of everything. Ask us to find out more!


Sustainable water management is a top challenge for Hídrica Group. That's why we are fully committed, with the aim to achieve efficient and energetically viable projects.


We have a professional multidisciplinary team that is highly qualified in different areas, which allows us to implement solutions adapted to our clients' needs.


Would you like to have more efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly facilities? At Hídrica Group, we focus on reducing energy consumption, promoting savings and optimizing the performance of any type of process.

We implement the best solutions, adapted to our clients’ needs

If you need technical advice, an analysis lab, review and maintenance of facilities or the supply of Legionella bacterium prevention and control products, at Hídrica Group we provide you with a comprehensive service, totally customized and adapted to your needs

Following a thorough evaluation of your facilities, we will help you make them more sustainable, efficient and, most of all, safer. As well as designing energetically viable treatments, we are also highly qualified trainers and manufacturers of several product ranges, totally aimed at achieving a better sustainability and efficiency.

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Hidrica Lab

Do you need technical advice, an analysis lab or supervision and follow-up from a highly qualified multidisciplinary team? At Hídrica Group, we are highly experienced in water analysis (public consumption, sanitary water, industrial facilities…), Legionella bacterium control and treatment and in carrying out technical memories and reports.

Our main goal is to achieve a good functioning of any type of facilities, making them more sustainable, efficient and safer, in any location, either hospitals, town halls, tourist accommodation, campsites, sports centers, industries, spas or municipal swimming pools, among others. Tell us what you need!

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Efficpool range

Efficpool is a regenerative filtering system, characterized by a great filtering capacity, the reduced need for backwashes and an exceptional water quality. Additionally, it promotes significant savings in water and energy consumption, chemical products and facility space With this filtering system you will be able to monitor, control and access remotely the whole purifying system, including water treatment. The best thing is that it was conceived to provide maximum performance, efficiency and sustainability in your filtering/purifying system for swimming pools.

Facilities with over 1.000 m2
in Reus

At our headquarters, located in Reus (Tarragona), we have an analysis lab, a logistics warehouse with direct sale service, consultancy, training classroom and practice room. Would you like to come and meet us? Would you like to come meet us?