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If you need a customized technical advice and consultancy service, an analysis lab for public consumption, sanitary, swimming pool or industrial water, as well as carrying out technical memories, reports or customized plans, at Hídrica Lab we can help you. Tell us what you need!

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Hidrica Lab

Our main goal is to achieve more sustainable and efficient water treatment processes in any type of facilities, either town halls, hospitals, residences, tourist accommodation, sports centers, swimming pools or spas, among others. To be able to do this, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in different scientific areas, such as chemistry, engineering or biology, and also clinical diagnostics or quality control.


Hídrica Lab offers an analysis lab service for any type of water, either for public consumption, sanitary, industrial or swimming pool, as well as the analysis of Legionella bacterium in at-risk facilities and other technical advice, supervision and accompaniment services.

Our analysis lab is registered as an environmental and food health lab at the Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya (registration number LSAA-319-14). Additionally, with the aim of guaranteeing reliable and quality results, we are also UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 certified (registration number 0.04.14241), as well as being accredited by ENAC for the ISO-17025” regulation and we participate in multiple inter-comparison exercises. 


At Hídrica Lab we specialize in the analysis of water for public consumption. Obtaining physical, chemical and biological parameters determines compliance to the current legislation, the Royal Decree 3/2023.

We offer this diagnostics service to hospitals, residences, town halls, tourist accommodation and any public facilities provided with their own catchment system or water tank for public consumption and supplying water as a service.


The current legislation mandates having specialized programs, aimed at preventing, maintaining and controlling Legionella bacterium, in any at-risk facilities.

At Hídrica Lab, we offer an analysis service of Legionella bacterium in sanitary waters, which will allow to detect the presence or absence of the bacterium, either in hospitals, residences, town halls, sports centers, tourist accommodation or any other location including at-risk facilities.


Contamination by Legionella bacterium in water circuits and industrial facilities such as, for instance, cooling equipment, watering or warm water systems, among others, could pose a significant health risk.

At Hídrica Lab, we carry out the monthly and quarterly analysis of any at-risk facilities, such as cooling towers, humidifiers, pressure washing systems, or any other facilities that generate water sprays in any steps of the process.


The Royal Decree 742/2013 establishes the technical and sanitary criteria of public swimming pool, defining some necessary parameters for public health, in the swimming pool bathroom water and water facilities.

At Hídrica Lab, we specialize in carrying out the analysis of swimming pool bathroom water at municipal facilities, hotels, campsites, sports centers, spas, residential areas, water parks and many other establishments.

Consultancy and accompaniment

If, in addition to the analysis lab services, you need technical advice to comply with the current regulations, supervision or accompaniment in any process related to water treatment and management, at Hídrica Lab we can help you. We have a professional team that is highly qualified to carry out technical memories, customized self-control plans or internal and external audits.

Auditorias internas y externas de legionela


At Hídrica Lab, we have a team of professionals who are prepared to carry out internal and external audits, in any type of facilities that wish to increase their sustainability and energy efficiency.

Additionally, we also perform audits for Legionella bacterium prevention and control, according to UNE 100030, which is a new regulation for the prevention and control of Legionella bacterium proliferation and spreading in facilities.

These audits take into account the regulation in revision and maintenance actions, which should be performed by the facilities technical managers. Its main goal is to guarantee the compliance and efficiency of action programs, establishing analytical indicators for its regular revision.


At Hídrica Lab, we specialize in carrying out customized self-control plans according to the needs of each of our clients’ facilities.

They include all the necessary information to be compiled by the clients, related to prevention and control at their facilities, such as, for instance, blueprints, treatment plans, current legislation, maintenance plans, protocols, chemical products security data sheets or registers filled in during maintenance, among other documents.

The main goal for these self-control plans aimed at residences, town halls, sports centers, hotels or schools, among others, is the optimization of resources, the reduction of maintenance costs and the promotion of energy savings in their facilities.

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asesoramiento en cumplimiento de normativa


At Hídrica Lab, we offer a customize technical advice service in any area related to water treatment and which could help you comply with the current regulations applicable to your facilities.

It is an orientation service aimed at residences, hotels, campsites, town halls or schools, among others, which takes into account a series of actions for you to adapt your facilities to the current regulations.

We are at your side throughout the whole process, either for designing, treating or maintaining your facilities, and always with an eye to efficiency and sustainability.

We provide yearly advice plans which, in addition to helping comply with regulations, also include accompaniment in case of inspections and audits, a technical consultancy or minutes interpretation service.


Hídrica Lab boasts an extensive experience in carrying out and writing technical memories and reports in any type of facilities related to water treatment.

In order to get a technical diagnostics of your facilities, we will compile the necessary information, gathering the main data, showing the current status, indicating whether it complies with the current regulations and if any deficiencies were detected. In that case, we will include improvement proposals, so that your facilities can work in the most efficient and sustainable way.

We take care of designing the most appropriate customized treatments and of catering to the needs of each of our clients’ and their facilities. In addition to these technical report to deal with the client, we also write memories as communication documents with the public administrations.

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